The less you move, the quicker you’ll turn to stone. Get moving in Rome, to stop yourself turning into a statue.


Our bodies are incredibly responsive to the demands placed on them. The more we ask them to do, the more they will be able to do. The less we ask them to do, the less they will be able to do.


The concept behind Gladiator Fit is a simple one - the belief that our bodies are worth looking after.


What is it that makes you, you? Isn’t a significant part of what defines you, your body? So why not explore to the full extent what you are capable of physically, in the same way we encourage each other to explore our other capacities, talents and potential?


People come to training for lots of reasons, but nobody sticks around for very long unless they find something in the process that they enjoy. That might be enjoyment in the exercise itself, it might be the improvements in what they can get their body to do as a result of the exercise or it may be the way that their body looks as a result of the exercise.


I want you to have all three. So that is how your programme is designed.


I want you to enjoy yourself while you train, but also see your body change and achieve your goals. I want to help you get stronger, fitter and faster, move more fluidly, have better posture, better agility and better balance. And as a result… you will look better.